Friday, July 14, 2006

Jade Goody Supports Shamed MP

Uk MP John Prescott has had his fair share of scandal over the past year. And one of the latest ones to hit the media is that of his affair.
However ex Big Brother contestant Jade Goody has recently spoken in public to show her support for the shamed MP.
Goody, who is famous for her lines such as,
"Rio de Janeiro - that's a person" and "Saddam Hussein - that's a boxer" has expressed her opinion that the Prime Minister should leave Mr Prescott alone.
When speaking to Now magazine about Prescott, (nicknamed Two Shags), she said that she belived that Tony Blair should give him a break over his affair with his secretary.

"I've been reading about this fat bloke, what's his name, yeah, John Prescott. Apparently he's the Deputy Prime Minister and he's in trouble at work for having sex with someone. Why should you be sacked for having an affair? He'll be in enough trouble from his wife anyway, so leave him alone."
So there you go. How to handle public scandal by Jade Goody.

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