Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brown on Rihanna Allegations 'I'm Not a Monster'

Chris Brown has spoken out about his alleged attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna to assure fans he's "not a monster".

The R&B singer is facing charges of felony assault and making criminal threats in relation to his well-publicised altercation with Rihanna in Los Angeles on 8 February (09), which reportedly left the Umbrella hitmakerbattered and bruised.

 "In a video post on YouTube"

Brown is fighting to clear his name after pleading not guilty to the accusations in April (09) - and now he's taken to the web to address the situation and reveal his plans for a pop comeback.

In a video post on, Brown says, "I just wanna say what up 'cause I ain't (sic) been out there, but a new album's gonna be coming soon, called Graffiti... I'm about to drop a single this summer for y'all, we ain't (sic) going nowhere. "Everybody that's been haters, they always been haters.

All my real fans, I love y'all, I ain't (sic) a monster".

Seymour Seeks Restraining Order Against Attacker

Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour is seeking a restraining orderagainst the woman who assaulted her outside the American Idol finale last week (19May09).

Janice Thibodeaux claimed the attack was motivated by footage of Cowellpretending to throttle fellow Idol judge Paula Abdul on the show.

Seymour also fears the woman will again assault and further harass
She has since been charged with misdemeanour assault, and now Seymour is asking a court to keep them apart.

In legal documents filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday (27May09) and obtained by, Seymour's lawyers say of the assault "(Thibodeaux) attacked (Seymour) from behind, putting her into a headlock, wrenching her neck and choking her with the full force of her 200 pound frame".

The papers go on to claim Thibodeaux "has sought publicity for her wrongful act and stated to the media that they were intentional and that she does not regret that".

Seymour also fears the woman "will again assault and further harass".

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Madonna To Stage "disaster" Show

Madonna is set to perform a controversial concert in Russia.

The 'Material Girl' singer wants to stage a show in the main square of St. Petersburg, home of the State Hermitage Museum, in August but local authorities are furious about the plans.

They have branded the proposed event a "natural disaster" and the museum's director, Dr. Mikhail Piotrovski will demand the pop superstar signs an agreement to set out decency and volume levels.

He fumed: "We want guarantees that there will be no blasphemy."

Madonna, 50, is not the first star to be warned about her raunchy stage show.

In October 2007, Beyonce Knowles cancelled her concert in Malaysia after she was told to tone down her performance and follow the Muslim country's strict dress code.

Gwen Stefani was also told to cover up during her Malaysian concert in August 2007.

The flamboyant star wore sober outfits but called it a "major sacrifice".

She put jackets over her tops and leotards underneath her skirts and dresses, to conform to the guidelines during the show.

Rihanna Returns To Stage

Rihanna has performed for the first time since she was allegedly assaulted by her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown.

The 'Rehab' singer - who was dressed in a black Dolce and Gabbana power suit - joined Kanye West on stage at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in New York on Monday (04.05.09).

The pair performed a duet of Kanye's song 'Say You Will' before Rihanna belted out an emotional rendition of her hit 'Live Your Life'.

A source said: "Kanye asked her to do it. It was his idea, but Vogue editor Anna Wintour obviously had to approve it. Anna was at the run-through during the day and was so into it."

Kanye asked her to do it. It was his idea, but Vogue editor Anna Wintour obviously had to approve it. Anna was at the run-through during the day and was so into it.
The audience applauded wildly when the 21-year-old star walked on stage, with many shouting messages of support.

Rihanna did not respond to questions about Chris, but smiled and waved at the crowd.

After her performance, the star was seen chatting to Madonna, Victoria Beckham, and fashion designers Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.

She was later seen talking to 'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively at Jacob's after-party at trendy restaurant Monkey Bar and spotted dancing with friends at nightclub Bungalow 8.

Chris, 20, pleaded not guilty to assault and making criminal threats in a Los Angeles court last month.

Geri Halliwell Proud Of Breasts

Geri Halliwell thinks her breasts are "alright".

The former Spice Girls singer breastfed her two-year-old daughter Bluebell until she was five-months-old, and admits it took a toll on her chest.

She said: "It was a long time when I was breastfeeding, at the end I was like, 'Let it go!' And it's such a lie that it makes you thinner. That's a lie told by the milk mafia.

She said:
"My boobs look alright, maybe not as tip-top as they were but I wouldn't have surgery. I would feel bad about going under anesthetic. I have a child. What if I died?"

The 36-year-old star - who is a published children's author - is reluctant to be parted from Bluebell, and admits combining her professional life with motherhood is the hardest challenge she's ever faced.

She said in an interview with Red magazine: "I hate it when I don't see Bluebell. It's like I'm addicted to her.

"For me, it's that balancing act between giving my child the time she needs, but also finding something that is going to satisfy me as a working woman. That is a real juggle.

"I wanted to write, because it meant I wouldn't be at work all the time. I could work in the house and still spend plenty of time with my child."

Farrah Fawcett's Cancer Battle Caught On Camera

Farrah Fawcett's cancer battle is to be the subject of a U.S. TV news special next week (beg11May09).

The actress has been battling anal cancer, which recently spread to her liver, and has suffered complications from an unrelated medical procedure performed in Germany.

Her two-year fight has been captured on video by best pal Alana Stewart and now the footage will make up a two-hour special, called Farrah’s Story.
Fawcett's on/off partner Ryan O’Neal and her former Charlie’s Angels co-stars Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson will appear in the programme.

The actress says, "This film is very personal. At the time, I didn’t know if anybody would ever see it. But, at some point, the footage took on a life of its own and dictated that it be seen."