Friday, February 29, 2008

Brad Pitts Twin Joy

Brad Pitt has confirmed to friends lover Angelina Jolie is expecting twins.

The 'Fight Club' star - who already has three adopted children, Maddox, six, Pax, four, and Zahara, three, as well as 21-month-old daughter Shiloh with the actress - has told pals they will soon be adding two more to their brood.

A friend is quoted on the Daily Mail website as saying: "Brad's been very quiet about this pregnancy so far but this was the weekend he decided to let the cat out of the bag. He's telling everybody close to him, because he is having to change his work schedule to get ready for the birth.
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"They're having twins, Angelina is healthy, and he's thrilled that he's going to be a father once again.

"They didn't exactly plan this pregnancy, but they wanted more children and Brad says Angelina was very willing to have them herself."

Brad - who is cutting back on filming commitments to help look after his ever-expanding family - is also keen for Angelina to have the twins in their native US, unlike Shiloh's birth in Namibia in May 2006.

The friend added: "They want to have these children in Los Angeles or New Orleans. I don't think Brad wants to isolate himself and the family again like he did when Shiloh was born."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mischa Barton facing 4 misdemeanors

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Mischa Barton, who on "The O.C." played a wealthy teenager in idyllic Orange County, got a dose of reality Tuesday when she was charged with four misdemeanors related to a drinking and driving arrest last year.

The former star of "The O.C." was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving while having a 0.08 percent or higher blood alcohol level, driving without a valid license and possession of 28.5 grams or less of marijuana, according to court papers.

In a statement, Barton attorney Anthony V. Salerno said he was pleased his client was only charged with misdemeanors.

"The D.A.'s office is to be commended for treating this case the same as it would any other matter; Ms. Barton has received no special treatment," Salerno said.

Barton was arrested Dec. 27 in West Hollywood after sheriff's deputies saw her car straddling two lanes of traffic and failing to signal for a turn.

Barton played Marissa Cooper on "The O.C." from 2003 to 2006, when her character died in a car crash. She also has appeared in several movies, including "The Sixth Sense" and the upcoming "Virgin Territory."

In May, Barton was hospitalized for two hours after an antibiotic she was taking interacted badly with alcohol.

Barton was scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday in Beverly Hills Superior Court.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Orlando Bloom's Rumer Romance

Orlando Bloom is reportedly romancing Rumer Willis.

The 31-year-old actor was seen canoodling with 19-year-old Rumer - the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore - at Prince's 'purple' Oscars party on Sunday (24.02.08).

A source said: "The chemistry between them was electric. They were all over each other and didn't seem to care who saw them."

Last week, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, who is rumoured to be dating the handsome 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star, said Orlando was a "sweetheart".

She coyly told People magazine: "He's a sweetheart and that's all I'm going say. A real sweetheart."

Earlier this month, Orlando and Miranda were seen kissing at New York's Max Brenner Chocolate café where they bought two mocha hot chocolates.

A source said: "They made out the entire time they were waiting in the line. They only had eyes for each other."


Monday, February 25, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's Razzie record

Lindsay Lohan's film won a record eight Golden Raspberry awards on Saturday (23.02.08).

The 21-year-old's movie 'I Know Who Killed Me' stacked up the embarrassing total at the ceremony - which 'honours' the movie world's biggest flops - including three for the Hollywood beauty.

The thriller tells the story of Aubrey Fleming, a woman who is abducted and tortured by a sadistic serial killer. When she finally manages to escape and regain consciousness she insists she is a stripper called Dakota Moss and the real Aubrey Fleming is still in danger.

Lindsay - who did not turn up to the ceremony - received two Worst Actress awards for playing both Aubrey and Dakota in the film, as well as winning the Worst On Screen Couple prize for a sequence where both women appear on screen together.

The film, which cost £6 million to make and only made £3.8 million in the US, also scooped the Worst Remake or Rip-off, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie award.

The film broke the previous record of seven awards - jointly held by 'Showgirls' and 'Battlefield Earth'.

One critic said about 'I Know Who Killed Me': "It was a mystery at the beginning and it was still a mystery at the end. It was as if a script had been put in a blender and this is what came out."


Friday, February 22, 2008

Janet Jackson to Marry

Janet Jackson is set to marry long-term boyfriend Jermaine Dupri.

The 'Together Again' singer - who has been dating record producer Jermaine since 2002 - is planning an intimate wedding ceremony for later this year.

A source close to the singer told the New York Post newspaper: "Janet is preparing for her private nuptials at the moment."

However, Janet recently revealed she thinks she might be "jinxed" when it comes to marriage after going through two bitter divorce battles.

She said: "After two divorces, I thought I was jinxed. Maybe marriage isn't for me? Maybe it's my fault it never works. I was always faithful. I always tried to give of myself. I was very loyal. But maybe I'm the problem. I think I'm to blame."

The 41-year-old singer - who was previously married to Rene Elizondo and James DeBarge - added: "Getting divorced was so awful, and I'm really tired of being hurt all the time."


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson to Marry

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are set to get married.

'The Dukes of Hazzard' star, who has been dating American football star Tony since her father Joe set them up last November, is reportedly planning to tie the knot for a second time.

A source close to the couple said: "Jessica has never been happier than she is when she's with Tony. She knows her first marriage didn't work out, but she has a really good feeling about this one, and wants to make her feelings for Tony clear."

However, a friend of the singer - who was previously married to singer Nick Lachey - says the story is an elaborate stunt constructed by Jessica to promote her upcoming country music album.

The pal told America's OK! magazine: "I think it's a press stunt. She always leaks information about her faux love life when she's desperate to get her face on magazine covers!"

It was recently revealed Jessica is planning a new reality TV show documenting the release of her album.

A representative for CMT, the US TV network expected to broadcast the show, said: "We have had exploratory talks with Jessica's camp, but nothing has been confirmed or signed."


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sheryl Crow's rehab wish

Sheryl Crow wants to go to rehab because she thinks it will be good for her career.

The 46-year-old singer - who has just released her sixth album 'Detours' - is desperate to duet with "hot" Amy Winehouse, who picked up five Grammy Awards last week while being treated for her drugs addiction.

Speaking at an intimate show in London, she said: "I want to collaborate with Amy because she's really hot and cool right now.

"I know one song 'Rehab' was very popular particularly because a lot of young people are in rehab as well. In fact I'm thinking about going. It looks like loads of fun and I know my career will benefit from it."

Meanwhile, Sheryl - who adopted nine-month-old son Wyatt last year - has revealed her breast cancer battle in 2006 made her want to become a mother.

The star, who split from cyclist Lance Armstrong in February 2006, explained: "I began the adoption process right after I finished my treatment. Wyatt came in May last year. I have always felt like I was meant to be a mom, but I had kept it from happening because I had believed that you are supposed to look for a family with a mom and a dad."


Monday, February 18, 2008

Jennifer Lopez's birth ban

Jennifer Lopez has told hospital staff not to enter the room where she will give birth.

The 'Do It Well' singer is set to give birth to twins, her first children with husband Marc Anthony, later this month, and has asked staff at Long Island's North Shore Medical Center not to use the room until she arrives.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "There is a room, which even has a brown leather couch, that has been sitting empty for two weeks now. No-one is even allowed in there until she gets here. It's just sitting there for her."

The hospital has reportedly prepared an entire suite for the 38-year-old star, complete with wooden flooring and a giant TV.

It was recently revealed the hospital has been put on kidnap alert.

Staff have been undertaking specialist 'Code Pink' drills to ensure they are prepared in case anyone attempts to snatch Jennifer's babies.

A friend of the 'Monster-In-Law' star said: "Jennifer has spoken so much about how excited she is about the birth that anyone who is considering a kidnapping knows how far she would be willing to go to get her babies back."


Friday, February 15, 2008

Bai Ling Arrested For Shoplifting

Chinese movie star Bai Ling has been arrested for shoplifting, after she was caught in the act at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (13Feb08) afternoon.

The Crow actress allegedly walked into a terminal gift shop at around 4.30pm and took two celebrity magazines and a pack of batteries, before casually leaving the store without paying for her goods - worth just $16 (#8).

But Ling was spotted by an eagle-eyed store employee and placed under citizen's arrest.

Ling, who was reportedly "co-operative but crying", was taken to a nearby police station where she was booked for theft, according to tmz.

And hours later, the 37-year-old posted a message about her trip on her website accompanied with photos of herself outside the Southwest terminal - but failed to mention her arrest at all.

Writing on her blog, she says, "Delayed the flight, wondring (sic) again in the airport like a ghost, why can't I just be the sun smile? My heart is a little sad now, casted by the melody of life ..


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brad and Angelina Marriage Rumor

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Wedding Rumour #364
It's that time again...

It’s claimed that Angie’s (as yet still unconfirmed) pregnancy has persuaded the actress to give marriage another shot.

“In the past when Brad pressed her to get married, Angelina always said no because she was happy with the way things were,” a source close to the couple told the National Enquirer.

“But when Brad proposed again after they discovered they were having twins, she decided to follow her heart. With the babies on the way, they just felt the time was right.”

The insider says that Brangelina are considering a Spring ceremony at their beachfront home in Santa Barbara.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mel B Bitchy Confession

Mel B admits she used to be a "b***h" to Geri Halliwell.

The Spice Girl was tough on her bandmate during the group's 90s heyday, but claims their reunion tour has made their friendship much stronger.

She said: "If Geri gets her dancing wrong now I tell her. But in the old days I may have done it in a b***hy way, but it's much more sisterly now. I want her to look fantastic and get it right.

"Everybody knows that Geri and I have had our problems in the past, but having time apart and then coming back together has been incredibly healing. We have a real bond and, amazingly, our daughters, Angel and Bluebell, are completely fascinated by each other."

Mother-of-two Mel also revealed Geri inspired her to appear on hit US TV show 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Mel, who finished second in the competition, added to Grazia magazine: "I wanted to show everyone what I could do. I talked to Geri and she was right behind me, telling me to go for it and knock everybody dead."


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rihanna In Post-Grammys Car Crash

Rihanna was involved in a car crash hours after claiming gold at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (10Feb08).

The sexy star, who claimed a gong for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, was driving away from a Def Jam after-show party when her vehicle was hit by another car.

According to the Umbrella singer's aides, Rihanna and her driver were not injured in the minor collision.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Daniel Craig's photo fury

Daniel Craig hates camera phones - because he can never go to the toilet in peace.

The James Bond star is happy to meet fans and sign autographs but draws the line at being photographed when he is trying to relieve himself.

Daniel said: "People try to take pictures of me when I'm having a p**s and it's not welcome and never will be.

"I have to keep hold of my sense of humour, because you can lose it very quickly and start retreating into yourself - then you can't go anywhere unless you're with armed guards."

Daniel has a history of griping about his fans.

The 'Quantum of Solace' star recently revealed he wears a false beard to the pub to stop people recognising him.

He said: "I wish, sometimes, I could just go sit and spend the afternoon in the pub. Well, you know, if I'm quiet and I wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a false beard, I could probably get away with it."


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Britney Spears Release

Britney Spears' parents claims their daughter's life is at risk following her release from hospital yesterday (06.02.08).

Jamie and Lynne Spears are "extremely disappointed" the troubled singer was allowed to leave Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Center on the recommendation of her psychiatrist.

Jamie and Lynne - who are divorced - said in a joint statement: "As parents of an adult child in the throes of a mental health crisis, we were extremely disappointed to learn that over the recommendation of her treating psychiatrist, our daughter Britney was released from the hospital that could best care for her and keep her safe.

"We are deeply concerned about our daughter's safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk. There are conservatorship orders in place created to protect our daughter that are being blatantly disregarded. We ask only that the court's orders be enforced so that a tragedy may be averted."

Britney, 26, left the facility yesterday surrounded by private security guards but without the police escort that accompanied her when she was admitted last Thursday (31.01.08).

Since last week, the mother-of-two has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation and it is unclear whether she will carry on with outpatient treatment.

Soon after her release, Britney was reunited with her photographer boyfriend Adnan Ghalib at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Britney Spears psychiatric test

Britney Spears is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The singer faces a full test before she can retain the authority to make her own legal decisions.

Britney's father Jamie was granted temporary control over her medical, legal and financial decisions after his daughter was sectioned last week.

Yesterday (04.02.08), Britney's lawyer Adam Streisand attempted to have the decision reversed, but Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled the pop star must undergo the evaluation.

Samuel Ingham, a court-appointed lawyer for Britney, testified that he spoke to the mother-of-two at the hospital for 15 minutes on Sunday (03.02.08), and admitted: "I think Ms. Spears does not understand the nature of these proceedings, and I think she lacks the capacity to hire a private lawyer."

Los Angeles County Superior Court Public Information Officer, Allan Parachini, said: "The temporary conservatorship involving Ms. Spears has been extended until a hearing on February 14. A court appointed physician was assigned to evaluate her competency. That physician's report is due at the court on February 13."

Jamie Spears retained co-conservatorship over Britney's estimated $40 million estate along with his attorney Andrew Wallet.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Techno dunce Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a technophobe.

The 'A Mighty Heart' actress confessed she is completely hopeless with technology and she often has to ask partner Brad Pitt for help turning on their computer.

Speaking at an event to celebrate her being presented with the Outstanding Performance of the Year Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Saturday (02.02.08), Angelina said: "As Brad knows, I don't even really know how to turn on a computer!"

Angelina also revealed she was initially hesitant about starring in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith', but is now glad she took the role because that was where she met Brad.

She said: "Obviously I'm very glad I did it now - it completely changed my life!"

When the 32-year-old actress was shown a clip of her and Brad's famous tango scene from the 2005 film and asked who the better dancer was, she laughed: "I think we're about equal - equally bad that is!"

Angelina - who failed to dispel pregnancy rumours by wearing another loose top at the festival - admitted her main passion in life is motherhood, despite being a keen humanitarian and busy actress.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Britney Spears sectioned


The 'Toxic' singer, who was removed from her home and taken to Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Center by ambulance at 4am this morning (31.01.08), has been placed on a 5150 hold - a piece of US legislation which means she poses a danger to herself and others.

It is claimed the intervention was planned for days and was finally executed when Britney's condition deteriorated after she went without sleep since Saturday (26.01.08).

One source told gossip website "When she was taken away she was non-responsive about the whole thing - out of it. She wasn't resistant, she was saying, 'Is something wrong?'

"She made hot chocolate and waited for paramedics to place her on a gurney."

The 26-year-old star was reportedly committed after her psychiatrist contacted the North Hollywood division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and warned them "something must be done".

The psychiatrist, who visited Britney last night (30.01.08), was said to be concerned by the star's erratic driving in her new Mercedes and "downhill behaviour" and recommended hospitalisation.