Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lepaparazzi News Update: Britney Warned By Plastic Surgeon

Image: BritneyZone.com

Britney Spears has been warned by a top plastic surgeon that she must look after herself better.

The scathing attack came after pictures of the recent wild child divorcee were published in the American media.

The singer, who has been enjoying a late night flurry of booze and parties, looks visibly disheveled in recent photos and one magazine recently published the headline ‘Is This Really Britney’ alongside the images.

The top plastic surgeon added, ‘there’s puffiness under her eyes and the quality of her hair has changed…you can even say that she’s aged around 10-15 years’.

However, the media has failed to pick up on the fact that the young pop princess now has two young children to look after on top of a bitter divorce battle.

Late nights or not…the girls got her work cut out.

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