Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lepaparazzi News Update: Justin And Cameron Re-unite At Hollywood Hotel

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were reunited in a Hollywood hotel on Friday night – the same night his other famous ex, Britney Spears publicly shaved her hair off.

People magazine is reporting that Timberlake joined director Martin Scorsese and a group of about eight other people at a table inside the hotel's bar. Timberlake, in a striped coat, briefly chatted with Scorsese and others at the table.

At about 1 am Diaz arrived. "Cameron never joined their table," says the source. "She just showed up and Justin got up and started talking to her. They were being very discreet. They weren't kissing or holding hands or anything, but they were being very friendly."

the pair, who publicly announced their break up last month, then left together half an hour later. The source says: "When I first saw this girl, I thought, 'That's not Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Biel.' Then it hit me – it was Cameron! She was low-key; her hair was dark and pulled back."

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