Friday, January 18, 2008

Eminem and Slim-Fast?

Eminem - Slim Shady Offered Slimfast Deal....

Bosses at diet product company Slim-Fast have offered rapper Eminem the chance to become their next spokesmodel, after learning he's battling weight problems.

The superstar was recently hospitalised after suffering from heart problems arising from a bout of pneumonia.

And, in her new book, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, the Stan hitmaker's estranged mother Debbie Nelson reveals the elusive rapper has ballooned in weight.

She writes, "His face has broken out in pimples and he's put on so much weight that he's causing all sorts of other health problems for himself".

And Slim-Fast chiefs want to help.

A spokesperson says, "Slim-Fast is a program that can really work for someone like Eminem; It's a do-able and flexible approach.

"Slim-Fast would love to offer Eminem product and assistance to help him become a potential S-F success story".


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