Monday, March 10, 2008

Jason Statham's Meeting With Real-life Bank Robber

Jason Statham's Meeting With Real-life Bank Robber....

Jason Statham was visited on the set of The Bank Job, by one of the perpetrators of the real-life heist the movie was based on.

The Brit plays the member of a gang who robbed a central London bank in 1971.

None of the thieves were ever arrested and the stolen money was never recovered.

The British Government also banned the media from reporting on the case - prompting conspiracy theorists to speculate the authorities were hiding something.

But Statham's research into the role was made easier, thanks to a mysterious on-set visit.

The actor reveals, "We were very lucky. One of the chaps came to the set. We tried to keep his identity undercover. He didn't want to glamorise himself. A lot of people thought he was my dad coming for a set visit. Remarkably he looked a lot like me.

"He told us some great stories about the day."


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