Friday, March 21, 2008

Report - Jolie & Pitt's Twins Will Be Fraternal

Report - Jolie & Pitt's Twins Will Be Fraternal.... Angelina Jolie will give birth to twins in her late mother's native France, if the latest U.S. news reports are to be believed.

Celebrity magazine In Touch reports the actress and partner Brad Pitt are expecting a boy and a girl.

The couple has yet to confirm the baby news, even though Jolie's ever-growing belly suggests she's with child, and their publicist is offering a firm "no comment" on the latest reports.

According to In Touch, Jolie was overheard cooing about her unborn babies on the set of Pitt's new movie, Tree Of Life, in Texas, telling one pal the little ones are "kicking and moving".

A source tells the publication Jolie and Pitt were overjoyed when they heard they'd be having twins after a visit to their obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr.

Jason Rothbart last week (14Mar08).

The insider says, "Because she took fertility treatments to help her ovulate, her babies are fraternal. They're ecstatic. She can't wait."


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