Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Benji: Paris is my best friend

I’M glad that PARIS HILTON has finally found love with BENJI MADDEN – but do they always have to go on about it such sickening tones.

Here’s Benji talking on US radio: "Paris is my best friend. I've never been so happy. Nothing worries me in life anymore.

"When you find that best friend, that love, all your worries kind of go away.

"Your work gets better and everything you do, you have someone supporting you and she's that for me.

"I've never been supported so much. I'm a lucky guy."

Benji’s comments follow Paris’ recent admission that they spend their time playing board games and hosting dinner parties.

Anyone else think the heiress was a lot more fun when her sex tape co-star RICK SALOMON was on the scene?


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