Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Billy Ray Cyrus: " I didn't know they were going too Strip her down!"

The Miley Cyrus photo controversy, which was a result of the actress’ Vanity Fair photo shoot, was once again the subject of debate on Tuesday’s Today show.

Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, spoke publicly about the photos for the first time since the negative reaction to the June issue of the magazine.

“I didn’t know they were going to strip her down and wrap her in a blanket,” Cyrus, appearing to promote his NBC show Nashville Star, told Meredith Vieira.

He added, “I was surprised when I saw it, but hey, that’s life. Stuff happens. You gotta deal with it.”

Cyrus says he couldn’t prevent the photos due to other obligations. “I didn’t have any choice,” he said. “I had a show to do, and an obligation, to go to Washington state ... playing for the troops just back from Iraq.”

Viera asked Cyrus why he didn’t speak to someone about it after the fact, and he responded, “cause my dad always said, ‘The more you stomp in poop, the more it stinks.’”

At the time, Miley Cyrus apologized for the photos, which were taken by Annie Leibovitz.
As for the picture of Miley and her dad, striking a pose that, to some, appeared more suitable between a boyfriend and girlfriend rather than a father and daughter, Billy Ray laughed.
“That’s just a daddy who loves his daughter a whole lot,” he said.

“I am her dad, she’s my daughter. If a daddy hasn’t hugged his daughter recently, I recommend he does.”

Billy Ray and Miley are currently filming in Tennessee the Hannah Montana movie, set to be released in May 2009.

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Yeah that's awesome what billy ray says!