Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dad to sell Britney Spears L.A. home in Beverly Hills

Britney Spears father intends to sell her Studio City home in the latest liquidation of her assets, it was revealed in Los Angeles probate court Tuesday.

The hilltop house, located in a gated community, has been the scene of the recent drama in the singer’s life, including the night in January she was taken from the property in an ambulance and forced into a psychiatric hospital.

It was not immediately clear where she intends to move. But a source close to Spears said, “Having more privacy and wide open spaces for her to raise her boys has been a goal for some time.”

In March, a court granted her father, Jamie Spears, the power to “sell or dispose of” an undisclosed number of her seven cars. Jamie remains in legal control of his daughter’s affairs until a July 31 hearing.

Also, her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, said in court that Britney would be out of state for several days – but he did not offer an explanation of why or where.


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