Friday, June 06, 2008

Did Joe Simpson push Tony Romo too far?

Last week, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times that the problems between NFL quarterback Tony Romo and singer-actress Jessica Simpson were a direct result of the singer’s meddling father-manager. Now, thanks to another gabby insider, Us Weekly found out just what Papa Joe did to push Jessica’s main squeeze too far.

The first offense from the Simpson patriarch was to suggest Tony drop his agent and let Joe handle his Dallas Cowboys career and the $65.7 million contract that comes with it.

According to the Us source, Joe followed that unpopular play with an offer to publicize the quarterback’s engagement to Jessica and their eventual nuptials in the event that things ever went that far.

“If you guys have a marriage, I can (sell it) the same that I did with Ashlee,” Joe said, according to the insider.

Though Tony’s negative reaction to all that unsolicited help is said to be the reason he and Jessica are just “a trial thing” now, Joe defended his actions when Us asked him about the situation.

“It’s unfair to criticize me for what every manager does for his or her clients,” Simpson told the magazine, “And in this business, where people can quickly turn on you, who better than a parent to be working for his children?”

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