Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sexless in the Holy City: Kristin Davis in Israel

Kristin Davis’ Sex and the City character may have converted to Judaism in the show, but in her first visit to Israel, the actress did not seem to be on the lookout for a nice Jewish boy.

When asked whether life was imitating art in regards to her relationships with Jewish men during the course of the show, Davis—who is single—told the Jerusalem Post she didn’t like to discuss her private life, but admitted that she doesn’t date.

Davis is currently in Israel to do a photo shoot for Ahava skin products.

At a news conference, she praised Israeli women for their natural quality, love of fashion and for “being comfortable in their own skins.”

Davis admitted she would not miss anything about her SATC character Charlotte. She said, “I am the character. I won’t miss anything, because I am her.”

The actress refused to discuss Israeli politics or the Mideast conflict, but when asked which Presidential candidate she liked, she exclaimed “Obama!”

“He is fantastic, and it’s a very exciting time in America,” she told the paper.


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