Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Christie Brinkley testifies ex was arrested at gay truck stop

When it comes to her marriage to architect Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley has plenty of regrets.

In another round of searing testimony, the former Sports Illustrated model told the court on Tuesday that her estranged husband was once arrested “in a gay truck stop”—and that she never would have married him if she had known the dirty details of his arrest.

Brinkley testified that Cook downplayed the arrest, which took place in his early 20s, when he revealed it to her a week before their marriage.

“If I heard the facts as I know today I don’t think I would have gone forward with the marriage,” she said, according to People magazine.

Cook reportedly laughed out loud when Brinkley said that she eventually learned the arrest didn’t happen in New York, but “in a gay truck stop.”

Grilled by Cook’s lawyer about whether Brinkley wanted to get revenge on her ex, the supermodel shot back, saying, “Absolutely not. I didn’t want this trial. It’s humiliating for all of us. ... I really, really wanted to settle this.”

She added that most of the scandal already had been aired in the newspapers before the trial.

“I think I have done absolutely the best to hide any feelings I have about this from the children,” she said. “For two years, I concealed all of this. I’m just trying to give the children the kind of life they had before.”



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