Thursday, July 17, 2008

Has Sarah Jessica Parker removed her famous mole?

The distinctive mark on her chin was not visible when the actress was snapped at a New York charity baseball event this week.

'She has had the mole removed, although she hasn’t told us why,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.

Sarah, 43, joins singer Enrique Iglesias, 33, who had his trademark facial mole whipped off in 2003.

Actor Ewan McGregor, 37, had a mole cut off last year in a skin cancer scare.

I think that Sarah looks amazing with or without the mole. However, I slightly lean more towards her not having it. With the height of skin cancer in our country we need to be extremely careful with our skin. I notice as I gotten older that I even see little moles that pop up. I know alot of it comes from the countless times I love to tan in the sun for hours at a time. So let's make sure that we check our skin on a daily basis!




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