Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jamie Lynn’s baby becomes a cover girl

Jamie Lynn Spears’ little girl Maddie Briann Aldridge came into the world June 19, but she gets her world debut on the cover of OK! magazine this week.

Spears covered many topics in her first interview as a mom, from her first weeks of motherhood to how she and her fiancé Casey Aldridge came up with their daughter’s name.

“Maddie is a name that Casey thought of, and I really liked it,” Spears told OK! “Briann was because, a week and a half before she was born, one of Casey’s cousins, who he was really close with, passed. He was in a car accident. His name was Brian. She’s also named after my older brother, Bryan Spears. We just added another ‘N’ to it and made her Maddie Briann,” Spears told the mag.

Although Spears says she will support her daughter if she’s bitten by the show-biz bug, Spears says she has some other dreams for Maddie. “I hope she has good friends, finds a hobby that she loves and is really sure of herself and knows exactly what she wants to do. And I want to better myself, so that I can make her life better.”

Spears’ mom Lynne has been on hand for much of her younger daughter’s pregnancy, and has been helping out since Maddie’s birth. She talked to OK! as well, and said that she thinks Jamie Lynn is going to be a very good mom. “She’s warm and nurturing. And the most fun time will be when she’s the soccer mom, the carpool mom. That was the most fun I had as a mother,” she told the magazine.

The remainder of the interview, as well pictures of Jamie Lynn, Casey and Maddie, is in the issue of OK! on stands now.

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