Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Line Dropped from Kitson

Have fans OD’d on LC? After only six months, Lauren Conrad’s clothing line has been dropped from the West Hollywood hot spot Kitson.

“Sales were lackluster,” Kitson store owner Fraser Ross announced Wednesday. “Initially it was great.”

Ross claims the 22-year-old Hills’ star failed to make any personal appearances to promote the line, which included simple yet pricey cotton dresses and tanks retailing for as much as $165.

“They need to realize it’s no different than selling your album, your TV shows, your movies,” he said. “You have to keep promoting it.”

Conrad’s nemesis Heidi Montag seems to be faring better in the fashion biz. As of now, her fall line Heidiwood is still set to debut at Kitson and Anchor Blue.

I personally believe that celebrities should always promote what they set out to do. With anything it does take a lot  of work and dedication. This was a huge opportunity for her to keep her things moving off the racks. I like her brand, but how can we believe in it if she does not show that she does!




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