Sunday, July 13, 2008

Madonnas brother Christopher Ciccone reveals personal details about his sister

Few know Madonna better than her 47-year-old brother Christopher Ciccone. They grew up together in Michigan in America and learned to dance together.

Then Christopher followed Madonna to New York, where she began her long journey to wealth and superstardom.

From early childhood, through the years of determined struggle to the iconic figure she has become today, Christopher has been Madonna’s constant confidant and shoulder to cry on. He has been her personal assistant and dresser, her interior decorator and artistic director of her show-stopping world tours.
Christopher Ciccone has been his sister Madonna's constant confidant

While much has been written about the most famous pop star in the world, only he knows the riveting untold story behind Madonna’s carefully constructed mythology.

Here, in unparalleled and intimate detail, Christopher tells their compelling story.

Madonna and I are standing in the driveway of her new house in Beverly Hills. She is facing me and I am facing the front gate when Guy Ritchie turns up in Madonna's black Mercedes and drives at me.

When he is about a foot from from me, he veers the car away, just missing my foot. I neither flinch nor move from my position.

He stops the car, rolls down the window and says: 'Are you trying to prove a point?'
I say: 'No, but I think you must be.'

He winds up the window and drives into the garage. Madonna turns to me. 'What just happened?' she asks.

I say: 'I don't want to talk about it,' and leave. No matter how much I dislike Guy, he's her husband and I want her to be happy with him, even though their life together is sometimes difficult.

When Madonna paid our sister Melanie's air fare so she could stay with her and Guy at Ashcombe House, their country estate in Wiltshire, she told me the atmosphere between them was very tense.

A Kabbalah rabbi would regularly come down from London to mediate between them. This does not surprise me. I believe that Kabbalah is helping keep Guy and Madonna together.

I worry about my sister. At 39, Guy is ten years her junior and she has given him latitude to pursue his own interests. But they are very different people with different approaches to things, and I wonder whether they will be able to bridge the divide.

I send her a positive letter, in which I try to help her understand him. I tell her that he is living in an incredible world with her, has an ego of his own and an idea of what he is, and that she may have shattered the illusion. She responds immediately, telling me that she is hopeful she will find her way. I hope she will. more

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