Monday, July 14, 2008

Photos Brooke Hogan: Found someone else too spread her suntan lotion instead of daddy!

Brooke Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel pool pals

Following a jam-packed weekend filled with promotional stops for her new reality show, Brooke Hogan took a break on Monday morning (July 14) with a trip to the hotel pool in Miami.

The "Brooke Knows Best" starlet strapped on one of her itty-bitty bikinis - finding a spot in the sun alongside her father Hulk Hogan's new squeeze, Jennifer McDaniel.

As previously reported by Gossip Girls, the first episode of Ms Hogan's latest reality venture premiered last night, introducing viewers to Brooke’s roommates Ashley and Glenn, as well as other friends, dancers, choreographers, producers, songwriter, and various other business associates.

This season, we’ll get to see Brooke consider a tattoo, help her roommate find guys as a “wing woman” and date a guy who is into a plethora of extreme sports.

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