Monday, July 07, 2008

Photos of Stars with no make up!!!!!

Goldie Hawn shows her age. Goldie loses the Hollywood glamour and reveals her 62-year-old face.

Jennifer Garner ditches the bronzer and fake tan and reveals her natural tones.

Heidi Klum looks pleased to be caught out without her make-up.

With two young children to care for, Gwyneth Paltrow clearly has more important things on her mind than her appearance.

Gisele Bundchen doesn’t mind her natural look being captured.

Elle Macpherson seems comfortable enough with her appearance to go bare.

Claudia Schiffer goes from supermodel to mother as she tones down her usual glamorous look.

Courtney Love pulls her hat down to disguise her lack of slap.

Legendary singer Barbara Streisand is caught out at her home.

The Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway shows she doesn't care about glamour.

Jennifer Love Hewitt seems ready for business without make-up and a stern ponytail.

Keira Knightley looks clean and happy after removing her make-up by taking a dip.

Madonna seems serious as she ditches her traditional style.

Without her make-up Kirsten Dunst could easily be mistaken for a teenager.

Red nose and all, Natalie Portman doesn’t seem to mind the effects of the weather.

Mischa Barton seems down as she opts for the straight-out-of-bed look.

Nicole Richie doesn’t seem pleased to be caught without her make-up.

Nicollette Sheridan goes for a pout to save her glamorous image.

Penelope Cruz shows off her natural beauty. She looks just as beautiful with or without make-up.

Paris Hilton’s halfway there.

What’s happened? Pamela looks a shadow of her much-loved public persona.

Rachel Hunter seems in shock, maybe she’s realised her mistake too late?

Rosario Dawson is shining without any cosmetics.

Sarah Jessica Parker is horrified that she's lost her lustre

Uma Thurman doesn’t seem to understand how she could’ve forgotten her make-up.

Tara Reid looks disappointed with herself for allowing her unmade face to be captured.

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