Monday, July 14, 2008

Will Katherine Heigl get the boot from Grey’s Anatomy?

Katherine Heigl stuck her foot in her mouth, and as a result, she may be getting kicked to the curb.

Only a month after the Grey’s Anatomy actress took herself out of the running for this year’s Emmy race, a source told E! Online, “It’s not good there. Shonda is pissed. They’re thinking of killing her off. They want Izzie dead.”

Since last year’s Emmy win, Heigl has had great success outside of her TV show, starring in movies like Knocked Up and 27 Dresses.

Speculation that the actress is trying to get out of her contract with the show only worsened with her Emmy withdrawal.

A rep for Rhimes told the website, “I haven’t heard anything about that.”

Heigl’s rep could not be immediately reached for comment.



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