Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Britney Spears praised by Kevin Federline after son's hospital dash

Star's ex was impressed with her rapid response

Britney Spears has been commended for her quick thinking, following her son Jayden's hospitalisation.

The two-year-old was admitted to the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Centre on Sunday after suffering a severe allergic reaction.

And ex-husband Kevin Federline, who has full custody of Jayden and Sean Preston, 3, was impressed with how she coped.

'We're pleased that someone was aware enough to see that he was having some sort of reaction and do what was necessary to make sure there were no chances taken and got Jayden to the appropriate facility and got the appropriate evaluation to be timely,’ a laywer for Kev tells Us Weekly.

‘I don't anticipate there being a hearing. I anticipate that Kevin and Britney as concerned parents will exchange information and satisfy themselves that what happened was a freak occurrence and do what they have to do to make sure that it doesn't happen again.’

It was the first time Brit had taken the kids out of LA since Kevin, 30, gained full custody earlier this year.

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