Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mariah insists her Diva days are over with and credits hubby for calming her down!

MARIAH CAREY has insisted her days of behaving like a diva are over – and credits hubby NICK CANNON with calming her down.

The couple - who tied the knot in April - worked together on Mariah’s video for her new single I Stay In Love, with Nick on directing duties.

And the sexy singer was amazed the shoot passed without incident and finished on schedule, thanks to Nick’s efficient approach.

In an interview with This Morning, Mariah said: “It’s the only video in the history of me making videos that I ended on time, actually early both days, and there was no drama, and everybody was saying what is this new thing?!

“So I guess this was definitely him. No more stories about divaness, divaland, divalicious.

“I enjoyed working with him, but I know it’s the first time so who knows.”

Mariah also divulged details of how the couple got together, revealing the spark between them was instantaneous.

She gushed: “We met each other in 2005 on a couple of award shows and we had that thing - you look at them and talk to them, and you are like what was that, that was interesting, but I liked it!”

And the star also said the pitter patter of tiny feet could soon be echoing around the couple’s vast LA abode.

When asked if babies are on the cards, Mariah coyly replied: “Maybe sometime soon. We will see.”

Catch the interview in full on This Morning tomorrow at 10.35am on ITV1.

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