Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nicole Kidman says Sunday Rose looks like Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman thinks her baby girl looks nothing like her.

The actress says Sunday Rose is the double of her dad Keith Urban.

‘She looks so much like Keith,’ she tells Oprah Winfrey. ‘I call her Keith-ette.

'I don’t even get a look in. I think she’s got my fair skin and that’s about it.’

Nicole, 41, gave birth to Sunday in July, her first child with Keith, 41.

The star also has adopted children Connor, 13, and Isabella, 15, with ex-husband Tom Cruise, 46.

But she says there's no jealousy between her adopted kids and Sunday Rose.

‘They have Suri [Tom's daughter with wife Katie Holmes], so they have now got just another baby sister.

‘But they're very used to having children around. Connor's like, "I want a boy!"'

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