Monday, November 03, 2008

Sienna Miller's rocky romance

Sienna Miller's relationship with Balthazar Getty is reportedly on the rocks.

'The Edge of Love' actress - who began dating the 'Brothers and Sisters' actor earlier this year - is said to be becoming increasingly frustrated with Balthazar's refusal to move to London, and his reluctance to finalise his divorce from his estranged wife Rosetta.

A source said: "They had such an animal attraction in the beginning. Now the dust has settled and they're talking about the future, there are a couple of things they have been rowing about.

"As well as the divorce, they are bickering over where they are going to live and Sienna's love of partying. She's only 26 and loves to go out. But Balthazar is a former drug and alcohol addict who is now teetotal. It's tough trying to get a balance."

She wanted Balthazar involved in where she chose so that it would feel like it was theirs
Balthazar is desperate to continue living in the US so he can remain close to his children with Rosetta - Cassius, Grace, Violet and June - but Sienna isn't prepared to quit the UK.

She is so determined to continue living in London she has already enlisted an estate agent to find her a new home in the capital, claiming her old property held too many reminders of her previous relationships with Jude Law and Rhys Ifans.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "London is Sienna's home and she loves it here. She still has work lined up over in Europe so she doesn't want to give it up.

"She wanted Balthazar involved in where she chose so that it would feel like it was theirs. But when she returned home last week for work meetings and a couple of viewings she came on her own."It is going to be a real struggle if they are going to carry on."


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