Sunday, December 14, 2008

Britney: I wanna date JLS Toyboy

SHE is the resurrection and she is the light, so who can blame comeback queen Britney Spears for wanting to tip her pretty toe back in the dating pool?

It’s been all quiet on that front since creepy paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, 35, disappeared into the desert, although he seems to be reluctant to leave the scene completely.

So we’re happy to hear that Britney, 27, is channelling her attentions in a more positive direction and has set her sights on The X Factor’s JLS.

She said: “They are the cutest group of boys. I have the biggest crush on them and they were so polite and
gentlemanly. I want to date a British man.

“A British singer? Man, that would be cool.”

Wouldn’t it? And so we’re delighted to hear that Britney is putting her money where her mouth is.

After all, the only place she can control her own finances these days – since dad Jamie was put in charge of her estate – is in the realm of metaphor.

So we’re pleased to hear that she’s asked her people to fix her a date with Marvin Humes, 23.

Our source said: “Britney loves British men and was quite taken with JLS.

“Apparently she’d love to go out with one of them, a proper snowy, Mary Poppins-style date, and Marvin is the one her
people have mentioned.”

Hang on, does Britters actually want to date Dick Van Dyke, 82? Our mole added: “She adores the British sense of humour and thought it was wonderful when JLS performed Hit Me Baby One More Time in drag.”

And, happily enough, Marvin has split from his girlfriend of five years claiming he wants to focus on his career.

What could be a better career move than dating Britney Spears?

If he can deal with the Circus, that is.

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