Saturday, December 13, 2008

Paula Abdul furious that American Idol allowed stalker to audition

Paula Abdul is furious that American Idol producers allowed an obsessive fan to audition in front of her.

The singer insists she warned bosses about Paula Goodspeed’s threatening behaviour and begged them not to let her appear on season 5.

She claims they overruled her because they thought her performance would make good entertainment.

‘She had been writing disturbing letters for 17 years, almost 18 years,’ Paula told US radio station Sirius XM. ‘We had restraining orders at times. For me, I was lucky enough that all the letters would come through the fan club.

‘But come American Idol, when anyone could audition, she showed up. I said, “This girl is a stalker of mine. Please do not let her in.” Everyone knew. I was shaking. [But they thought it would] be fun for them to cause me stress.’

Paula Goodspeed was found dead outside the 46-year-old's LA home on 11 November. It is believed she committed suicide.

American Idol makers Fox were unavailable for comment.

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