Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Katie Holmes under strict instructions to gain weight for baby #2

Katie Holmes is said to be under strict instructions to put on at least a stone to prepare her body to carry a sibling for daughter Suri, 2.

Husband Tom Cruise, 46, has never made a secret of wanting a huge family. He told a newspaper recently: ‘I want 10 children. I love kids.’

A source tells Now: ‘Tom believes Katie needs to focus on their family again. She’s had her time being “Katie Holmes” instead of just Tom’s wife, but in return she agreed to have a second child as soon as that time’s over. In Tom’s eyes, that’s now.

‘Tom badly wants a baby. He thinks that if Katie has a little more weight on her, it’ll help the conception and also be healthier for her and the baby during pregnancy.

'He wants them to be parents again by the end of the year.

‘As far as Tom’s concerned, he kept his side of the bargain by allowing Katie to concentrate on her career; now it’s time for her to keep hers.’

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