Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paris Hilton ended her feud with Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton has ended her feud with Lindsay Lohan.

The pair, who exchanged a series of public jibes between 2007 and 2008, fell out when it was rumoured that they were both after shipping heir Stavros Niarchos.

But Paris says she's buried the hatchet with Lindsay, 22, who is dating Samantha Ronson, 31.

‘We're fine now,’ she tells Glamour. ‘I think she's really changed. I saw her a month ago and she was really sweet and seemed really happy and we're adults now.

'Actually I've just decided not to fight with anyone because it's really not worth it.’

But Paris, 27, can’t see herself following in Lindsay’s footsteps by starting a lesbian relationship.

‘No - it's not really my lifestyle,’ she adds.

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