Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paris Hilton: 'London is my favorite city in the world'

Party princess Paris Hilton has been looking for a new friend – in the UK.

She's been jetting between London and her Hollywood home to audition 12 wannabe bosom buddies for new 8-part reality TV show Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

‘I love London. It’s my favorite city in the world,’ Paris, 27, tells Now. ‘I like that everyone’s real – everyone’s so sophisticated and elegant. I’d love to live here one day.'

The contestants have been sharing Paris's crazy jetset lifestyle and making themselves available whenever she's said 'Jump!'

‘Everyone had a great time. They were really appreciative and all came up to me and told me: “Thanks so much,”’ she says.

‘By the end, one of them will be joining me in my life and I’ll have found my British best friend.’

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