Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chris Brown changes his Facebook relationship profile to 'single' and writes about Rihanna

Chris Brown has officially ended his relationship with Rihanna.

The RnB musician allegedly assaulted the singer hours before the Grammy Awards on Sunday, reportedly leaving her with ‘horrific injuries'.

Chris, who has been holed up at a Las Vegas hotel, has now made it clear they've split up by changing his Facebook relationship profile to ‘single’, reports the Daily Mail.

He also writes: 'You'll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!'

Chris, 19, handed himself into police on Sunday evening and was booked with making criminal threats. He was later released on £33,550 bail.

It’s thought he could face further domestic violence charges when he appears in court on 5 March.

Rihanna - who appeared at the 2008 American Music Awards wearing a jewelled eye patch to cover 'a scratched cornea' - hasn't made a public statement.

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