Friday, February 13, 2009

Victoria Beckham's Valentine's Flight

David Beckham can't bear to be apart from his wife Victoria on Valentine's Day (14.02.09).

Victoria is set to scrap her plans to fly to New York for Fashion Week so she can be with her soccer star husband, according to friends.

A source said: "David begged Victoria not to go to New York this weekend because he can't bear the thought of Valentine's Day without her."

It has also been claimed David's recent form on the pitch has made him more romantic than ever, and he has been in secret talks planning a special treat for his wife.

The friend added to Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "David's playing so well at the moment and he loves his life in Milan - he says he's feeling more romantic about Victoria than he has in years because he's really on top of his game.

"He's been having top discussions with a number of Italian jewellery designers over the perfect present and if she accepts his invitation he's planning a romantic candlelit dinner with a room full of red roses on Saturday night."

The couple's schedules originally meant they would be apart for the romantic day - with David in Italy for a big derby match at AC Milan, where he is currently on loan.

The 33-year-old sports star flew into London last weekend to be with Victoria, 34, for just 24 hours, booking a posh hotel as an early Valentine's treat.


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