Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Plan Charitable Wedding

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are planning to tie the knot this month, but unlike a lot of celebrity news and gossip about weddings, the news looks “utterly mundane” to quote the groom. Russell Brand recently told Heart 106.2’s Harriett Scott that the wedding will feature a first dance and a wedding dinner, and that he’s letting his bride plan everything.

This latest bit of celebrity news comes with a more humane side, too: the couple has asked their famous wedding guests to refrain from showering them with gifts and give to charities instead. Said Brand, “Katy has got a good job, and I’ve got a good job, it seems indulgent to ask for more things.”

One of the mysteries remaining when it comes to the wedding is what type of wedding dress Perry will wear. Something by one of the top fashion designers? Or something more unusual?

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