Monday, October 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan ‘Can’t Afford’ Betty Ford Center

Recent celebrity news and gossip has Lindsay Lohan saying that she cannot afford to stay at the Betty Ford Center in California for her court-ordered 90-day stay in rehab. Rather than getting more jail time due to failing a drug test and violating her probation, the 24-year-old movie star was ordered to the Betty Ford Center. However, Lohan has said she can’t afford to continue to pay for treatment unless she is able to work.

Lohan is required to remain at Betty Ford until at least January 3, which will probably add up to a cost of around $53,000. She has pleaded that her fashion industry line is not succeeding because she is not available to monitor production and quality, according to her probation report. She was also to begin working on the movie Inferno in November, but that has been put on hold as well.

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