Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lady Gaga: Boyfriend Thief?

In recent celebrity news and gossip, actress Alex Stebbins, a 21-year-old actress who appeared on U.S. television series Law and Order, has claimed that Lady Gaga stole boyfriend Luc Carl, a nightclub manager and promoter, from her. Stebbins says she had been dating Carl for a year. Carl had previously had a relationship with Ms. Gaga, and apparently decided to reignite things recently.

Stebbins gave him up without a fight, claiming that going toe to toe with the “Pokerface” singer would be “like fighting Jesus.” Lady Gaga, meanwhile, was busy over the weekend living up to Stebbins’ characterization of her as “the most powerful woman in the world” by winning 3 MTV European Music Awards. She took home trophies for Best Female Artist, Best Song, and Best Pop honors, which she accepted via video during a show in Budapest, Hungary.

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