Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lindsay Lohan may have Violated Probation at Clinic

Even in rehab Lindsay Lohan couldn’t escape being the target of celebrity news and gossip, and now that she’s been released, reports are saying that her altercation with a staffer violated terms of her probation. A Riverside County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson was reported by CNN to have said that the in-rehab dust-up was a violation of probation. The staffer was fired after the incident for speaking to tabloids about it.

Lohan’s lawyer has only commented that it was she and not the staffer who called 911 for help after the incident. The staffer, Dawn Holland, has said she does not want to file charges, but the local DA’s office is determining whether Lohan should face battery charges, which now seems unlikely. Lohan is scheduled to appear in court February 1 for a review of her probation.

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