Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lepaparazzi News Update: Brad Pitt Solo: Leaves Angelina Jolie Behind for Hollywood Jaunt

This should really get tongues wagging. Angelina Jolie is still overseas while her sweetie Brad Pitt made a halfway around the world jaunt to promote his upcoming wide release of the critically lauded 'Babel.'

People Magazine reports that Brad Pitt makes it a solo act for the Hollywood premiere of his film, Babel, on Sunday.


Hmm, now where is Jennifer Aniston?

She's in Hollywood. So - where is Vince Vaughn? He's in Europe. So while Vince and Angie hang overseas, the one-time golden couple are but a few miles apart in the small town of Hollywood.


Remember all of those stories that claimed that Brad was desperately trying to get Jennifer on the phone to discuss business and movie roles?

Star Magazine reported earlier that they had learned that Jennifer Aniston may appear in a movie produced by Brad's movie production company, Plan B, and that they are being forced to get back in touch with each other to discuss the matter.

The film, 'The Senator's Wife,' is a script that Plan B developed especially for Jen while the she and Brad were still married (and owned the company together), the magazine reported.

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