Friday, June 20, 2008

Guttenberg Snaps, Photog Snaps Away

'Police Academy' actor and 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Steve Guttenberg apparently was in no mood to be photographed while on a jog, grabbing the camera from a paparazzo and threatening to punch him. The photog continued to snap away during the ordeal.

Former 'Dancing With the Stars' actor Steve Guttenberg was having a fine old jog until a photographer got a little too close for comfort. The photos of what ensued shortly after are proof.

The pictures show Guttenberg, best known for his Mahoney role in the 'Police Academy' movies, enraged and in punching position with his face gnarled in anger.

Bauer-Griffin, whose photographer was involved in the incident, says on its blog that Guttenberg "suddenly lost interest in his banana and went on a yelling/flipping off/fake-out punching frenzy." See for yourself:


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