Friday, July 11, 2008

What Tom Cruise thinks about Nicole Kidman's baby

It's never nice when an ex-husband or wife has another child, so we take a look at What Tom Cruise thinks about Nicole Kidman having a baby.

Tom's already made the first move by sending Nicole flowers, but we reckon inside he's bubbling with anger and seething with personal rage.

The Daily Mirror had reported that Tom immediately sent Nicole flowers upon hearing of the birth but now say that Tom never sent any flowers to his ex wife. Did he or didn't he?

Instead it is rumoured that Katie Holmes picked out a luxury baby basket and had it shipped over to Nashville.

Katie is twelve years younger than new mum Nicole and is said to be trying to help her husband's ex.

Tom and Nicole do have two adopted children from their ten year marriage and many speculate that they are the reason the baby basket was sent.

It was rumoured late last year that Nicole was furious with the former Dawsons Creek actress after Katie told BANG Showbiz that Tom's children call her 'mom.'

She told them: "Tom is a great father and husband and Connor and Bella are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me 'mom.'"

Nicole then allegedly banned the children from calling Katie 'mom' after reading the interview. If this is true then Tom won't have been pleased.

A source said: "Nicole was anxious to make it very clear that she is Connor's and Bella's mother. They may not live with her but no one can take that away from her."

Katie is thought to have been trying to mend their relationship for the sake of the children.

What implications does the birth of Sunday Rose have for the other Cruise-Kidman children?

Adopted children Bella and Connor may have gained a new sister but poor Suri Cruise might struggle to understand where she fits into the complicated family.

Maybe Katie and Tom will try for another baby soon so Suri doesn't feel like the odd one out?



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