Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jessica Simpson is "Disgusted" by Pamela Anderson's remarks

The battle of the blondes continues, but Jessica Simpson remains a lady.

Two weeks ago, Pamela Anderson called Simpson a “bitch” and a “whore” on Australian radio for wearing a T-shirt that said “Real Girls Eat Meat.”

So how did that make the pop-turned-country singer feel? “She was deeply hurt and upset at the comments. To say Jessica is mad about it is an understatement,” a friend of Simpson’s told UK’s The Sun.

“She is disgusted at Pamela’s remarks and fully intended to go after her, until her family made her see sense. Her folks told her NOT to make a big deal of it—as that would only get Pamela the press she’s so desperate for.

“So Jessica is keeping quiet as she’s the one on the way up, while Pamela Anderson is on the way down,” adds the friend.

Anderson went a step further on the radio show, speculating that Simpson wasn’t even referring to animal meat. Anderson said, “She was not referring to actual cows and chicken, I think she was referring to men.”

Simpson’s rep did not immediately return our call for comment.

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