Friday, July 18, 2008

Kate Moss: If I quit smoking I'd be a paranoid mess

Supermodel doesn’t want to give up the cigs

Kate Moss has vowed never to give up smoking.

The supermodel reckons cigarettes help to keep her calm.

‘I won't be quitting the cigs because it's who I am,’ she tells the Daily Mirror. ‘I don't want to create a phony facade.

'I think I just have to be myself, otherwise, I'd be a paranoid mess.'

And Kate, 34, insists she won't be getting any Botox because she'd be 'embarrassed' if she couldn't frown.

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"She's a mess cause her life's a mess. If you think that cigarettes really make her calm. Maybe stop doing drugs! Which you replace cigarettes for. She is truly a paranoid mess and needs to get her life back on track in a healthy type of manner! "

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