Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kim Cattrall: Sex And The City star says she isn't like Samantha

Kim Cattrall says men she dated often confused her with her raunchy Sex And The City character.

‘When you play a character like Samantha, people expect you to know about sex,’ she says.

'Of course I know something about it, but I’m an actor playing a part – it doesn’t mean I’m a sexpert.’

And Kim, 51, says she’s more than happy with her toyboy chef Alan Wyse, who she’s been with for 4 years.

‘He’s 23 years younger than me and he’s lovely,’ she says.

‘He’s a lot more independent than older men I’ve been with, who would expect me to stay at home cooking.

'He’s got his own thing going on, and I like that.’



We all have to realize that a role is simply that.... Just a role!
Although, there maybe times when a actor can pretty much identify themselves with their characters that they come too know and play. That there also has to be times where they find themselves nothing at all what they portray themselves to be.
I totally love her character Samantha she is fun, silly and free to express what she is feeling. She applies all the ingredients that is needed for her character as Samantha. However, I think we all have a little Samantha in is...... whether it's her silliness, or playful side, or just her up front freedom of expression.

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