Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eva Longoria: " My husband Tony cut my hair!"

Who's responsible for Eva Longoria's short new do?

Husband Tony Parker!

"Tony cut my hair!" the actress, 33, tells Entertainment Tonight.

"I had to cut my hair for the show because Gabrielle has short hair," she says. "I wore a wig in the last episode, but I didn't want to wear a wig this whole season, so I was like, 'I'm going to cut it!'"

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She says her hairstylist Ken Paves forced Parker to make the first move.

"He said, 'Tony, you're going to do the first cut, so she can't be mad at me,'" she says. "Tony did the first snip. He did more and then he did more and then Kenny cleaned it up."

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She also revealed how she is packing on the pounds the next season of Desperate Housewives.

To make Gabrielle look like she has two kids, Longoria says she now eats "everything in sight! Pasta ... pizza.

"Tony and I went crazy this summer!" says Longoria, who also stopped working out.

Her other secret for looking heavier? "I have butt pads, I have thigh pads, I have stomach pads!"

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Housewives creator Marc Cherry said at the Television Critics Association on Thursday that he plans to end the ABC series after seven seasons. The fifth season airs this fall.

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Wow, that is someone who is very daring and obviously get's into her characters. Now for all the those who were wondering why she was gaining so much weight now you know. I think that her hubby didn't do too bad on that haircut. What do you all think about that? Would you dare too have your mate cut your hair?

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