Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paris Hilton: Nicole Ritchie is not mad at me!

Paris Hilton is not about to stand by and let people tell lies about her.

The socialite spoke out on her MySpace blog Monday saying, “I am blown away by more lies that are going around.”

Hilton responded to an article on Page Six that claimed Nicole Richie who lives with Joel Madden in Glendale, Calif. was angry that Hilton moved next door to live with twin brother—and Hilton’s boyfriend—Benji Madden.

A source told the paper, “"Nicole moved out there to get away from the paparazzi, but when Paris calls them they come to her quiet street and disrupt everything. She’s getting a little fed up.”

Hilton shot back on her blog: “Page Six reported that I have moved into Benji’s neighborhood, and that Nicole is upset by this...SO NOT TRUE! First of all, I don’t even live in Glendale. Secondly, I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills—that’s where I live. I haven’t been to Glendale in months. Where do they come up with this?”

The 27-year-old heiress added, “It’s not fair because these lies then spread like wildfire online and people begin to believe they are true.”

Fans thanked Hilton for clearing up the rumors.

However, on Tuesday, the New York Post reported that Hilton was indeed jealous of old pal Nicole Richie, and hoping to get pregnant soon.

“She’s jealous of all the attention Nicole Richie has been getting and knows she’s fallen off in the tabs lately,” said the source. “A baby would put her back in the news.”

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