Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jennifer Aniston rekindles her romance with singer John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston’s rekindled her romance with singer John Mayer – but friends say she’s destined to face heartbreak all over again.

The actress unexpectedly flew from LA to Boston two weeks ago, back into the arms of the man who dumped her in August.

John, 31, who was teaching a week-long masterclass at the Berklee School of Music, had dinner with Jen and four friends at Boston’s Mantra restaurant.

By the weekend the pair were heading to New York and enjoyed a romantic Saturday night meal at Il Mulino restaurant.

When they headed back to LA last Monday, the couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other and were spotted kissing as they arrived at LAX airport on a private plane.

Late on Tuesday night they headed to the Sunset Tower Hotel for dinner at the Tower Bar with three friends.

‘They left via the back of the hotel and were very discreet,’ said a source. ‘Jen was leading, but John walked closely behind her when they left.’

The renewed relationship seems like good news for unlucky-in-love Jen, 39, but it’s said to be steeped in compromises and stems from her ‘insatiable need’ to be with someone.

‘The reason John dumped her in the first place was because she was too clingy and desperate to have children,' a source tells Now.

'Somehow she’s managed to convince him that she’ll ease up on the neediness and more often be the “fun Jen” that he saw glimpses of.’

That may prove a hard promise to keep – her recent comments on her marriage to Brad Pitt reveal her longing to settle down.

‘When I got married, I thought it was for life and we’d have kids,’ she said. ‘If you’d told me when I was 25 that I’d still be unmarried and childless at 40, I’d have laughed in your face.’

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