Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kim Cattrall: There will be a Sex And The City sequel

Actress breaks the news on The Paul O'Grady show

Kim Cattrall has confirmed there will be another Sex And The City movie.

The actress, who plays Samantha Jones in the US comedy, says producers will make another flick.

‘Yes there will [be a sequel],’ she told Mel B on The Paul O’Grady show.

But Kim says it's nice to take a break from playing her sexually charged alter-ego.

‘I'm sort of a serial monogamist [in real life],’ she admits.

‘I find a guy I like and I tend to spend an awfully long time with him.. five or six years.

'That's a very long time, in Hollywood that's forever.’

Kim, 52, has been with Canadian chef Alan Wyse, 29, since 2004. She has been married three times.

Sex And The City: The Movie - starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis - sold 920,000 DVDs in its opening week.


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Anonymous said...

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