Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Quincy Jones takes Amy Winehouse under his wing

Music producer is looking out for troubled singer

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones is offering guidance to Amy Winehouse.

‘Quincy has taken her under his wing and put her back onto the wagon,’ a source tells the Daily Telegraph.

‘The two are collaborating on one or two projects and if anyone can save a talent like Amy then it is Q.

‘He knows that if she can get her music career sorted then everything else should fit into place.’

Amy, 25, who met Quincy, 75, at the Nelson Mandela concert in the summer, will sing on his tribute record.

Her manager says the new material for her album is brilliant.

'I've heard some demos and I've heard some simple acoustic songs that she's played me in my office on acoustic guita,' Universal Music boss Lucian Grange tells Metro.

'And what I've heard has been sensational.'


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