Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Amy Winehouse ‘gives away £5,000 guitar’

Singer has been sharing her stuff with pals

Amy Winehouse is said to have started donating her valuables to friends. 

‘Amy says she just isn’t into “things” any more,’ says a source. ‘If she likes someone or gets a notion that someone wants something, she just gives it away.

'She gave a £5,000 bass guitar to a guy just because he picked it up and said it was a great instrument.’

Amy, 25, has also been clearing out her wardrobe. 

‘Designers are always sending stuff but she always wears the same thing: denim hotpants and a T-shirt,’ the insider tells the Sunday Express.

‘All the other clothes go to girls who hang about her flat, some of whom she doesn’t know very well.’


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