Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scarlett Johansson poses for cosmopolitan in a bust enhancing black dress

SCARLETT JOHANSSON shows why she's one of the world's hottest women with a stunning photoshoot for Cosmopolitan.

The US actress, who made an appearance at the Nobel Comittee Banquet in Oslo this week, pulls a sultry pose in a bust-enhancing black dress for the sexy shoot.

Scarlett has been doing the rounds recently to promote her new movie The Spirit, which is released on New Year's Day.

The film is an adaptation of the comic series of the same name.

Scarlett plays the aptly-named Silken Floss, a "very sexy woman" who's the accomplice to the film's baddie, the evil Octopus, played by SAMUEL L JACKSON.

She recently revealed that her co-star is actually a lot more vain than fans might expect.

She said: "Sam was always using my eyeliner pencils.

"He always had a lot of make-up on. He would spend hours longer in the make-up room than me."

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