Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cindy Crawford has taken daughter to multiple Hannah Montana shows

Cindy Crawford has rubbished reports she's stopped her daughter watching Hannah Montana.

The supermodel was quoted as saying the programme, starring Miley Cyrus, 16, was a bad influence on Kaya Jordan Gerber, 7.

‘Kaya learns to be sassy from that show,’ she was reported to have said. ‘I’ll say, “I don’t let anyone talk to me like that. I’ll not take it from a 7-year-old in my own house”.’

But Cindy, 42, who also has son Presley Walker, 9, with husband Rande Gerber, insists it's made up.

'I don't know where this quote came from,' her rep tells MTV News.

'I just spoke to Cindy, and she said that she is a fan of Hannah Montana, and she has taken her daughter to multiple shows.'

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